Analyze of present Kazakhstan’s position

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Then visit the monuments of modern history, such as the launch sites at Baikonur. After inspect underground mosques and chalk mountains in the Atyrau region, mausoleums eastern lords, to feel a spiritual connection to the sacred for all Turks a grave Korkyt-ata, to make a pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Ahmed Iassaui. You can compare your feelings down in the deep canyons and climbing peaks, meet shepherds and hereditary artisans, whose life did not change the century. Those who wish to try the romance of the past, can, riding horses or camels, to go through the mountains, deserts and steppes.


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Analyze of present Kazakhstan’s position 19
Organization and Specific performance of a small hotel
2.3.1 Definition
2.3.2 General terms and requirements for the organization of small hotels, motels, boarding houses. 20
2.4.1 Administrative roles in the management systems. 24
2.4.2 Features of management in the hotel industry. 27 2.4.3 Organizational function. 28
2.4.4 Monitoring functions. 29
2.4.5 Management style of the managers 31
2.4.6 The organizational structure of the hotel enterprise
Definitiоn 34
Brаnd recоgnitiоn 34
Types of brаnd аwаreness 35

Case study hotel complex "Kumbel"

3.1.1 The principles of the organizational structure of the hotel enterprise

INTERVIEW RESULTS (Qualitative Analysis)
QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS (Quantitative Analysis)



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Maid service - Department of the hotel industry, is responsible for cleaning the rooms, halls, toilets, corridors and other interior, in which the reception.

Catering Service provides guest services in restaurants, cafes, bars, deals with the organization and servicing banquets, presentations, etc.

The value of engineering and technical service in any hotel complexes is extremely important, as the saturation of modern high-tech equipment, more and more increasing.

Service is headed by Manager Technical Division. The service is divided into two parts. On-call service is subject to Assistant Manager of the Technical Department, and subject to the repair technician.

Such a construction engineering and technical services is justified, since the presence of a repair can reduce the cost of the repair work by contractor’s repair and construction organizations.

The main content of the personnel department is:

• framing the organization (planning, recruitment and selection, release, stress analysis, etc.);

• Training of employees (training, certification and evaluation of personnel, organization promotion, conduct educational work);

• improving the organization of labor, its incentives, creating a safe working environment. 

Should be conducted quarterly certification of the personnel. There are two certification systems:

• Expert (when the panel evaluates the system of criteria, that's quite subjective);

• A system for performance and process parameters (e.g., length of time needed maid cleaning rooms on what algorithm it works for some systems cleans the rooms, etc.).

Housekeeping - is the largest division of the hotel. Routine maintenance in due course a huge number of living rooms requires great responsibility and punctuality. From the head of the service requires organizational skills, rigor, striving to meet the highest standards.

Guest surveys show that cleanliness and order in the hotels - the main criteria that attract their choice of where to stay.

Senior head of service must adhere to the following rules:

• Efficient and effective use of subordinate staff;

• apply rational methods and processes in the service;

• Continuously monitor, to be punctual in their work;

• To avoid familiarity, treat everyone very objectively;

• Regularly take inventory;

• Do not shy away from emerging problems that put them in front of guests or management;

• To support a team of high culture and the principles of morality;

• support the efforts of staff to improve the educational level;

• To encourage innovative proposals of employees;

• educate subordinates a sense of mutual respect, teamwork, integrity, mutual charity.

Hotel management - this AGM of authority (the hotel owners) and General Manager (Executive Director) representing the Assembly of Shareholders.

The main responsibility of the hotel includes the planning, organizing, co-ordination of all activities as well as selection, placement, assessment of implementation of the goals. These duties require the coordination of the various services and departments.

To the General Manager (Director) hotel, which is elected by the general meeting of shareholders shall have the following responsibilities and entitled:

• Provide leadership for all industrial and economic activity resulting from the problems the hotel;

• use all types of banking services, including loans, open and close settlement, current and other accounts, and to dispose of them, to sign the checks for cash, valuables, etc.;

• has the right to seek and respond to the court, including arbitration, and to provide all administrative offices his company in person or through other persons authorized by the special power of attorney;

• As head of the organization, he signed the contract, the obligations and powers of attorney or delegates it to persons authorized by the special powers of attorney, signed statements and balance sheets, is responsible for planning and implementation of the main economic indicators;

• monitors the timeliness of reports, balance sheets and accounts of profits and losses, as well as project losses and the distribution of profits;

However, not all employees of the hotel can completely satisfy the needs of its customers. Staff of the hotel should have self-control, tact, courtesy to listen to a guest and meet his needs. We must remember that nothing is more annoying guests, as the apparent ignorance and unwillingness to take their dissatisfaction.

Hotel Reservation System of property


Hotel property management system - a computer system Fidelio, serving the hotel cycle in three major segments: service external services, maintenance of internal services, software interfaces.

1. Service external service hotel - hotel management segment to the property has four general modifications of software modules: Booking, management, inventory, transactions with customers, general management.

Management Inventory – is a plug-service segment of external service of hotel’s control system property. Stores information about each room and allows for control of loading, cleaning and other operations with rooms and apartments. Integral element of this module is the keeper of the keys and the electronic bulletin board room stock movement. Book - a software module designed to serve as a reservation of hotel rooms, work in "confirmation / denial" versus time within the overall reservation system hotel chain, or battery life.

Transactions with customers - plug-segment "service external service hotels» hotel of property control system, allows hotels to increase control over the conduct of settlements with customers and greatly simplifies the audit work. The module allows you to track the previously agreed terms of discounts throughout the facility operations and to inform about the dates down payment.

General management - software module segment "servicing external services" hotel of property control system, allowing help prepare the necessary reports for management and implement interface between the external and internal segments of the PMS.

2. Maintenance of internal services Hotel - a segment of hotel management property having modules: management of general accounting, payroll, and property registration in stock, financial statements.

3. Providing software interfaces - a segment of the system of hotel property, including software modules: the current sale, management of energy resources, phone bills, electronic locking system, software, personal computers, mini - bars, demonstration videos.

Module of room capacity allows employees to form their own hotel room stock description and promptly monitor the change.

In the database, enter information such as the category, the number of seats available in additional equipment and other parameters characterizing each individual room.

The operator can change the state of the room: to translate a free room in a state of repair, to indicate that the room is rented out, is allocated to office space, etc. The program will automatically install the appropriate condition of the room at the date of the beginning or the end of the repair period of the lease or reservations (if the information was entered into the computer in advance.)          

4. Hotel service technology - a set of operations and processes in providing accommodation and hospitality to tourists, and the system of rational methods of use of buildings, structures, equipment, hotels.

Success in managing through assertiveness skills


Assertiveness - the ability to express youself as a manager and enjoy their human rights without oppression manager subordinates. Appropriate integrity, openness and honest communication, with which is deepening and expressive. Acting assertive, you will feel more confident and be able to win the respect of the other managers and employees. This will help you to develop good professional relationships and feel more confident as a manager. This will improve your self-control in everyday situations in the management of people. This, in turn, will improve your decision making ability and increase your chances of getting what you want to achieve in their work.

Assertiveness - a way of thinking and behavior, which allows the manager to defend their views, while respecting the views of others. These people are not afraid to face the problem, while not focusing on the problem, and the decision-making. Non assertive managers are often passive or aggressive. Passive managers do not remain faithful to his views and are more likely to allow others to interfere, rather than to defend their point of view. They are so anxious to be loved and accepted, and that they cannot think of the need to defend their point of view. On the other hand, aggressive managers often tend to defend their point of view and methods to achieve their goals, but do not notice the achievements of others. In addition, aggressive managers insist that their feelings, their jobs and their point of view are dominant and pressure on all employees. They also tend to blame others for your problems instead of offering solutions.

Many business men feel that they lack assertiveness. If you are one of these people, then it is time to change it. Maybe right now you are not as assertive as they could be. Assertiveness should be developed. You can become more assertive, to deepen their understanding of the concepts and practicing assertiveness assertive behavior.


2.5 Brand Awareness of hotel


2.5.1 Definition


Rossiter and Percy (1987) definеd brаnd awаreness as ability оf buyer оr cоnsumer tо identify thе brand within thе catеgоry in adequatе dеtail tо purchase thе product оf thе brand. Alsо, Howard аnd Cromptоn (1995) еxplained thе pоsition оf thе brand awarеnеss in the hiеrarchies of thе infоrmatiоn prоcess, which shоws cоmmunication еffеcts with cоnsumer basis purchasе dеcisiоn.

According tо Keller, prоduct objеctivе is achiеvеd thrоugh the consumеr bаsеd brаnd еquity. Thе dеfinition of brand equity is thаt “the diffеrеntial impact of brand knowlеdgе оn cоnsumеr rеaction tо thе markеting stratеgy оf thе brand.” (Keller, 1993) In other words, when thе consumers arе intimate to brаnd and havе strоng brand assоciatiоns in thеir mеmory, brand knоwlеdge, which cоuld bе dеscribed аs brаnd imagе оr brаnd awarenеss.


Fig 3.1 Total brand recall



Mоreоver, Keller (1993) identified that there is a hierarchic relatiоn between the twо cоmpоnents of brand knоwledge: brand awareness and image, gaining a high аwаreness is a necessаry cоndition оf building strоng and fаvourable brаnd imаge. “Consumer decision-mаking is аffects by brаnd awаreness thrоugh influencing the strength аnd fоrmation оf brаnd assоciations in the brand image.” thus, bоth brаnd аwareness and brаnd image will influence cоnsumers’ аttitudes tоwаrd the prоduct.


Brаnd recоgnition аre wildly used аs dependent vаluables when effectiveness аdvertising аnd prоmоtion executions аre measured in term оf brаnd аwаreness. When measuring the effectiveness of brаnd аwareness in terms of learning and memоry, recаll and recognition are generаl dependent variаbles.

           According to Keller (1993) explаined thаt brаnd knowledge cоnsists of brаnd аwareness аnd brand image. Brаnd image includes the set of associations connected tо the brаnd that consumer hold in memory while Brаnd аwareness relаtes to brand recаll and recognition performance by consumer.

Rossiter and Percy (1987) explаined this difference between the types of brаnd аwаreness cоnnected with communication effects. According tо them, the distinction between brаnd recоgnitiоn learning and brаnd recаll learning depends оn whether categоry needs оr brаnd аwаreness оccurs in the consumer’s mind first.

Consumers have always had a love for branded premiums and they continue to have a very high recall rate – recalling promotional products they received at an 83% response rate.

Fig 2.3




Case study hotel complex "Kumbel"


Hotel complex "Kumbel" - a young company, however, has proved to be positively amazing combination of rich nature of the mountains and a full range of services needed for a comfortable stay and provide business life of companies.

The hotel does not belong to the any network of a well-known international brand and it was created on the basis of the former Soviet hotels with unobtrusive service. "Kumbel" - is an attempt to formulate and put into practice the Kazakh standards of hotel service. Enough to note that hotel has 18 rooms and account for 72 persons of staff. Friendly staff and a sincere genuine respectability service - the main achievements of management over a short period of work.

The activities of the hotel, with the opening of the August 2002 to the present, was subject to the implementation of the strategy, focused on a combination of the functions of a business hotel and mountain-style hotel "chalet" for fans of outdoor activities. Currently, the services provided to clients at ATV, horseback riding, fitness center with an experienced instructor. During the year, within the complex to be put into operation the ski slope with tow cable car and a conference hall for 150 seats.

Hotel is located in Almaarasan Gorge, one of the most picturesque places of Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park, at an altitude of 1957 meters above sea level. Ile-Alatau National Park - is wilderness of flora and fauna, deep gorges and forested mountains. This is where the hotel is located conveniently Kumbel, just 20 minutes drive from the city of Almaty.

A special highlight is the fact that, with everything you need for a comfortable and leisure, it is in a place untouched by civilization. If you want to "listen to nature" and a break from the hustle and bustle, this is ideal comfort and beauty.

A distinctive feature of the Hotel ‘Kumbel’ is providing good service.

All service is open 24 hours a day.

The hotel has the following facilities:

9 comfortable standard rooms with all amenities - 5 French beds, 4 twin beds:

• Satellite phone;

• Satellite TV;

• Mini-bar.

4 Suite rooms:

• A living room and bedroom unusual bathroom design

• Satellite phone

• Music Center

• Cable TV



         Comfortable cottages in 2 levels:

• Equipped kitchen (breakfast bar, full set of kitchen equipment and utensils)

• Working fireplace

• Audio and video equipment

• Cable TV


Restaurant "Pass" with fireplace, expressed in alpine style

• Hour bar "Shocking Blue" in style "Marine-Hi-Tech";

• Several summer platforms;

• Swimming pool with sauna, outdoor sun deck, fitness center equipped everything you need for recreation and sports;

• Outdoor tennis court, soccer field, horseback riding;

• Ski runs

• Protection of the guests the hotel provided a professional service security

• Meeting room for 150 seats, equipped

• Guarded parking vehicles

The organizational structure of HC "Kumbel"                                    

 Qualification of personnel


Hotel Complex ‘Kumbel’


Maintenance of Hotel Complex


The direction of activity of employees

 Providing high quality services in line with international standards level *****

Title of the position

The first level of qualification

The second level of qualification


- Maids-5 people.

- Deep cleaner-one person.

- An employee of laundry 2 people.

- Waiter, Bartender 8 people.

-Cook-Assistant 1 person.

-Catering 3-pers.

- Maintenance- 2 people.

-Messenger-3 people.

- Coach-one people.

- Gardeners 2 people.

- Labourers 8 people.

- Drivers 4 people.

- Senior maid 1 person.

- Assistant Department of Food and Drinks-2 people.

- Logistics manager-1 person.

- Accountant-teller-one person.

Administration Manager for reception and guest-4 people.

- Cooks- 4 people.

- Senior Cook 1 person.

- Warehouse-1 person.

- Security staff-12 people.

- Instructor of fire safety-1 person.

- Fitness instructor 1 person.



The type of activity of employees

 Top Managers of the hotel complex "Kumbel"

Position Title

- Executive Director of 1 person.

- Hotel-manager-1 person.

- Accountant-1 person.

- Manager of the Department of Food and Drink, 1 person.

- Chef-one person.

- Head of the Security Service, one person.

- Head of the Department of Administrative and Commercial-1 person.

- Doctor-one person.


Required Level of Education

The third level of qualification


- Qualification of "graduate"

- Qualifications Bachelor

- Higher Education

- Experience of at least 5 years in the hotel industry

- Certificate of professional development

- Age limit - 28 years old.


The number of staff-74 people.           

Many companies appreciate the comfort, comfort and excellent service SC "Kumbel" and were regular guests. It is companies such as Philip Morris Kazakhstan, Siemens Arena, British Tobacco, Procter Andes Gamble, Halyk Bank, Kazkommertsbank, TuranAlemBank, Alliance Bank, ATF Bank, Shell in Kazakhstan Petroleum Kazakhstan, the Company P & P Petroleum, and many others.

The rights and responsibilities of management are determined based on the Company Charter, based on the needs of satisfying the desires of customers, through the opportunities and resources. Operational decisions posed by the need to meet customer needs, based on strictly checked in managerial hierarchy.

The Director-General shall appoint representatives of the founders, is an intermediary between them and the management personnel of the hotel, including the Executive Director. Control over the activities carried out by the hotel's owners to attract audit designed to assess the financial and economic activity.

As the hotel is working around the clock and her job requires round the clock monitoring of the administration, then, as in many large hotels, a post of the Executive Director. People in this position are required to practically live in the hotel. However, at the hotel "Kumbel" this problem was somewhat different resolution. There is a system of administrative staff on duty of management, which includes the heads of functional units and their immediate associates, planned timetable which the Executive Director of the half-months in advance and cover the hours between 21.00 and 09.00 am. Thus, they managed to reduce the number of staffing positions through the position of night manager.

Market research showed that in winter it is advisable to focus efforts on attracting new customers - fans of winter sports and activities - skiing, sled, snowboard, etc. Also demand services for conferences, seminars, etc.

Owners supported the start of construction of a cable-tow cable car and the new building, which will house conference hall for 150 people, a billiards room table for 3-4, and the administrative and utility rooms. For these purposes, was made a business plan and a credit line in one of the largest banks in the Republic.

Currently, construction is in the final stage, which gives us hope that this year will avoid seasonal fluctuations percent occupancy rate.






















The essence of management is in the collection, processing, storage and delivery of information in the form of programs, plans, orders, regulations, jobs. Each of these documents contains detailed information about what, when, and who should do, to what extent you can use some resources from whom to obtain raw materials and to whom to transfer the finished product. They specify the rights and obligations of performers, the necessary technical, economic and social limitations of enforcement.

The internal structure of government is mostly stepwise, especially in large and medium-sized enterprises.

The changing nature of demand and the need to maintain or expand market niches require organizational structures of more dynamism. Increasingly have to change the product, expand the range and diversify production. In these circumstances, first of all, change the material flows and the relationship between production units, in an increasingly complex environment is changing the composition and specialization of the elements of the production structure with a corresponding change in relations. Development of these processes and was the impetus for the emergence of project management, matrix schemes. In large firms, mainly corporate type practice in industrialized countries has led to a shift from linear functional scheme to divisional structures.


3.1.1. The principles of the organizational structure of the hotel enterprise

The organizational structure of the company - it is a form of division of labor, attach certain management functions for the structural units at different levels of the hierarchy.

Organizational structure of the company is adequate to the structure of the enterprise and the full scope and functions is managed objects. Large enterprises, specializing in the production of complex and labor-intensive products (such as cars, planes, metals, oil, etc.) are usually dozens of workshops, laboratories and departments. To coordinate their activities create complex hierarchical management structure.

The need to create multi-tier management system is often caused by the diversification of production. Production of a wide range of goods, technologically unrelated, often requires the formation of production management and sales for each product. However, small businesses are characterized by simple organizational structures: the head - a performer. Organizational structure of the company is based on the principle of subordination of the lower body of a superior. The chief executives of the guild or guild laboratory accountancy subject according to the Instructions central laboratory and the chief accountant of the company. Department heads and subordinate departments or directly to the director or one of the deputy directors.

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