Ecological problems nowadays

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Problem of the modern civilization - in environmental pollution. What ways we can help the nature with saving of its riches and health of the person.

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     Мурашова  О. (студентка ТОР-БД-1 РГСУ)

     Карнаухова  А.А. (ассистент кафедры  иностранных языков для неязыковых факультетов  РГСУ) 

     Ecological problems nowadays 

     Since ancient times the Nature has been serving the Man. It is the source of his life. For a long time people have been living with the environment in harmony and it seemed the natural riches to be unlimited. But the civilization developed and the man’s interference in Nature began to grow.

     Large quantity of cities which have a lot of smoky industrial factories today appears all over the world. We breathe the air, we  drink the water and  we grow fruits and vegetables on the ground which is being polluted by the products of their activity.

     Every year the atmosphere of the world is being polluted with billions of tons of dust and other unhealthy matters. A lot of big cities and industrial towns suffer from smog. Huge forests are being cut and burn in fire. The balance of the oxygen is  upset by their disappearance. As a result we have a lot of rare species of animals, birds, fish and plants which are registrated in the Red Book and such kinds can disappear completely without any possibility to restore, and some rivers and lakes can dry up.

     The results of uncareful interaction of a man with the nature and the signals to start to make some decisions and solve the problems in order to prevent the ecological crises are the following: air pollution, water pollution, nuclear pollution, the destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, etc. They are very serious because they can cause many problems with man’s health.

     The most terrible ecological catastrophe happened in the Ukraine and many people suffered from the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986. Some territory of Byelorussia was also polluted with radioactive elements. The agriculture, forests and people’s health were injured. And not only the Ukraine but also Byelorussia and other countries have bad consequences of this explosion at the atomic power-station.

     Environmental protection is very important for the whole world. That’s why it’s necessary to take serious measures and create a large system of ecological security.

     Many programmes are developed in this direction. Almost 200 countries which are the members of the UNO (United Nations Organization) have founded agencies which deal with protection of the environment. There agencies hold a lot of conferences initiated to the discussion of the problems.

     It’s necessary to say that on Lake Baikal the international environmental research centre was organized and also the organisation Greenpeace works hard to guard the environment.

     But this is only the beginning and it’s very important to continue this work in order to protect our nature, to save the life on our planet and think not only about ourselves but also about future generations.

     Fortunately, we have enough time, money and the technology to solve all these tasks. We can make our planet better, environmentally safe and purer. It’s necessary to plant a lot of bushes and trees and construct many park zones for some endangered species of animals and birds from the Red Book.

     Also we should recycle all wastes and convince factories to stop their activities which pollute a lot the environment, because sometimes we use the fossil fuels and chemicals of our planet unpractically and destroy it and in its turn it’s very harmful for out health and future.

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